Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Story Behind the Cast

I just realized that I have posted several pictures of Aiden with his arm in a cast and haven't even mentioned it. Well, here is the story....

Aiden had been out of school for two weeks and we had gotten into a routine. Every day after the boys had eaten breakfast and before we did any of our activities for the day, we would go to the gym. There is a playroom for the children in the gym and I do crossfit so generally we are in and out of there pretty quick. I wasn't worried about leaving the boys in the room at all because they have been playing there for almost 2 years now.

I was sitting in the floor with Holden when Aiden took off running across the room. I heard a crash behind me and turned around to see Aiden on the floor with the table on top of his hand. I really didn't think he was hurt that bad until I realized how heavy the table was when I went to pick it up.

Aiden didn't even really cry. He ran around in a circle and waved his arms around like crazy. That had a big impact on Holden, he still does an impression of it now.

So this is what happened... Apparently, Aiden had watched spiderman at his friend's house the day before and had decided to do one of the moves that he had seen. He had run across the room,grabbed the edge of the table and swung his legs up on top of the table.

After I picked up the table and got Aiden to stop running around, I looked at his hand and it was aready bruised and beginning to swell. The thing that scared me the most was that his lips turned completely white, no distinction between the color of his lips and the color of his skin.

I called his doctor and they advised me to take him to the ER. Eight hours later, we came home with two broken bones below the index finger of his right hand and a brand new cast. It was a long summer without the pool or beach vacation, but he's healing well and was able to get his cast removed for good the Friday before school started!

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